Fashion Unraveled (2nd Edition)


Fashion Unraveled
How to Start and Manage Your Own Fashion Design Business

Author: Jennifer Lynne Matthews

Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising

408 pages

Published January 2011

Fashion Unraveled explores the steps of starting a fashion design or crafting business. The book begins with discussions on developing a customer followed by detailed steps on what it takes to manufacture a product.The costing, pricing and budgeting part of this book approaches it differently than most other books out there.Fashion Unraveled breaks it down based on you being a small business and not a multi-million dollar start up.Purchasing this book on our website receives a bonus of the form and example downloadables for free.Fashion Unraveled is available on  AmazonKindle, Nook, Kobo, Diesel ebooks, Apple iBooks and Sony Reader. The ebook is sold at a significant reduction in price to the printed version. The forms, examples and business plan did not display well in the conversion to ebook format, so they were removed.

If you purchased this book prior to February 9, 2011, there has been a correction made to the section on Business Reports. Click here to download the corrected information.

The software discussed in this book has be renamed as Business Plan Unraveled. See our products for more information on this product.

Books and Downloads are no longer available for sale on this website. Visit our sister site Porcelynne’s Fabric Boutique for all orders.


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